Surrogate’s Court Attorneys

Suffolk County, Long Island Probate and Surrogate Court Law Firm

When our loved ones pass away, it can be hard enough dealing with the process of mourning and making funeral arrangements. However, you may still need to deal with at least one more problem before you can truly move on: you need to handle their estate. Whether you’re the executor of the estate or merely a beneficiary, you have potential rights and responsibilities when it comes to their estate, and you may need legal representation to navigate the complexities of probate.

Also, while dealing with a will can be difficult enough on its own, it can be made that much worse if they died without a will. When that happens, it falls to the Surrogate Court to handle all the matters that would normally be handled through a will, such as the distribution of the deceased’s property, determining who will care for any minor children, and all the other issues that arise from an unplanned death. A surrogate will be appointed by the court to manage these matters, but there still may be legal issues to be settled or rights that you need to protect, either on your own behalf or on behalf of the deceased.

We at Smith, Finkelstein, Lundberg, Isler and Yakaboski, LLP represent our clients on a wide variety of issues involved in the probate process and Surrogate Court, including:

  • Estate litigation/will contests
  • Guardianship for children and the disabled
  • Probate of a will
  • Intestate administration
  • Estate accounting issues and proceedings
  • Voluntary/small estate administration
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