Litigation & Appeals Attorneys

Suffolk County, Long Island Litigation Law Firm

What may surprise many people about the legal practice in the modern era is how much of it happens outside the courtroom. In fact, an estimated 95% of cases never make it to trial, either ending with an out-of-court settlement (in civil suits) or with a plea bargain (in criminal cases). However, that means that going through the full trial process is an increasingly specialized skill, and one you’ll need if you intend to exercise your full right to due process.

Moreover, your case doesn’t necessarily end just because a jury or judge has rendered their judgment. You have the right to appeal court decisions made against you if you believe there has been some error in the legal process, allowing you to uphold your rights when the lower court fails to respect them. Not every lawyer is qualified to handle the appellate process, however, and you’ll need the specialized experience of our litigation attorneys to pursue your appeal.

Our experienced attorneys at Smith Finkelstein represent our clients in the trial and appellate courts, both State and Federal, handling cases including:

  • Commercial litigation
  • Real estate litigation
  • Criminal litigation
  • Divorce and family law litigation
  • Probate and trust litigation
  • Municipal litigation
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